Behind the Post Production – Katie Price: Harvey and Me

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A deeply personal film about Katie Price and her disabled son Harvey in a crucial year of his life, as he turns 18 and becomes an adult. It’s an exciting milestone for them both, but for some disabled young adults like Harvey it also brings a daunting uncertainty as the people and places that have cared for him as a child are about to change. Now Harvey and Katie must navigate this transition together, and Katie has some tough decisions to make on Harvey’s behalf – such as where he will live and what his future will look like – and in doing so she must also learn to let go.

ENVY Dubbing Mixer –Matt Skilton:

“Being such an intimate and highly emotive documentary, it was important to deliver a very natural and authentic mix – allowing every emotion and every scene to be taken on its own merits. I reeled back the use of sound effects and took a very delicate approach to this project, ensuring that any potential distractions were removed and keeping the viewers focus on the narrative and dialogue throughout.

With shoot taking place across multiple locations and under many circumstances, it’s inevitable that the audio will be impacted in one way or another – be it unwanted noise from the surrounding environment or the slight muffling of the voice due to wearing a mask.
In the mix I cleared up all affected dialogue and removed any distracting ambient using Isotope RX noise reduction to make sure that all the dialogue came through clear and comprehensible. By clearing up the dialogue you allow the spoken words to clearly resonate, while preventing any subtle distractions that could detract from the documentary.

As with every show I work on a considerable amount of love, care & attention went in to mixing this documentary.


Paul Fallon – ENVY Colourist:

The film was beautifully shot and we really wanted to let the footage and story speak for itself; keeping it natural was key. With this in mind my approach was to respect the colours, skin tones and lighting of each shot by using a controlled but fresh and contemporary colour palette.

I really enjoyed being part of such an amazing project highlighting the problems that teenagers with disabilities face when they reach adulthood, it was a pleasure working with such a dedicated and talented team.


Katie Price: Harvey and Me – is available to watch here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000rpv6

ENVY Credits

Colourist: Paul Fallon

Online Editor: Barrie Pease

Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton

Post Producer: Chris Rayner


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