ENVY - An Introduction

Since opening in 2006, ENVY has acquired a wealth of experience working across a wide breadth of projects including documentary, entertainment, factual entertainment, scripted and shortform. Our collaborative approach to every project keeps our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. ENVY’s reputation as the industry leading post house is testament to the strength of these relationships, and has been instrumental in our success. Over the years we have delivered countless projects, and these continue to fill the schedules every day – from single documentaries to multi-episodic series, including some of the UK’s most beloved programmes.

We are very proud that our work has been recognised with multiple high profile awards including ‘Best Post Production Facility’ at the Broadcast Awards 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2017 as well as the ‘Top Facility’ as voted by Producers in Televisual’s annual facilities Top 50 every year since 2010.  Our creative staff has also been honoured with prestigious recognition with numerous awards including RTS and BAFTA.

ENVY is a full service, end-to-end post production facility. Our technical setup is second to none, expertly developed to allow flexibility, offering streamlined and bespoke workflows to facilitate almost any requirement.  Furthermore, we put every effort in to the design and aesthetic of our facilities in order to inspire and encourage creativity whilst offering unparalleled comfort and customer service. We work hard to make sure that all clients – no matter the size of their project – feel welcome and at home.

Rathbone Place

50A Rathbone Place, W1T 1JW

ENVY’s first, mother building is located on Rathbone Place.

Housing the majority of our Online, Grading and Audio facilities (including a Dolby licensed studio), it’s a bustling hive of creativity, swimming around state of the art kit.

Rathbone Place also houses our Licensed Bar and light, modern breakout areas along with a smattering of offline suites.

Margaret Street

9 Margaret Street, W1W 8RH

This site sits within a Grade II listed building offering character and charm beyond compare. With a reception area offering a warm welcome and a dose of ambience, you can make your way to the seven floors housing large, spacious and bright offline suites, many with double bay windows and beautiful features. We also have audio and online facilities available here.

Situated close to Oxford Circus it’s a central hub of character to build your programme within.

Foley Street

46-48 Foley Street, W1W 7TY

Stepping into Foley Street, you will be welcomed to 3 floors of sophisticated design, housing over 35 offline suites.

The building is Edwardian in style and is also home to a 750 sq foot roof terrace alongside a private bar and breakout areas.

All our buildings are centrally located, and this is no exception.

Holden House

57 Rathbone Place (Holden House), W1T 1JU

Just a stone’s throw from Rathbone Place, you’ll find Holden House.

With its contemporary design and flow of space and light, it’s a peaceful yet inspiring place to work.

The breakout areas are comfortable and bright, with a sense of space running through the building.  Here you’ll find over 25 offline suites as well as audio facilities.

Windmill Street

28 Windmill Street, W1T 2JJ

Beautiful inside and out, this charming building offers a large open plan entrance encompassing the reception area, coffee bar and breakout areas.  The light spreads upwards through the building where we offer offline suites in excess of 25.  The neutral colours and thoughtful design touches provide a comfortable and calming atmosphere to work in alongside the space and exceptional facilities we know our clients need.

Mortimer Street

19-21 Mortimer Street, W1T 3JE

Mortimer Street is a modern, polished building where you will find over 25 offline suites.  You will also find here, our VFX department along with Flame, Audio (Dolby licensed) and Baselight Grading.  Supported by a state of the art machine room and a hub of creative talent – our meeting rooms and break out areas are readily awash with some of the finest creative directors and executive producers in town.  This site is also lucky enough to have its own private roof terrace.