We’re obsessed with delivering the most creative, effective and flexible solutions for the challenges of location record.

CAPTURE is our specialist remote workflow division that solves all the trials of record and media management within your production – delivering it in the most seamless, efficient way for your edits – with all the usual value you’d expect from working with ENVY.

The service solves collaboration end-to-end by bringing our expertise in media management, our knowledge of editing and our cutting-edge record technologies out to your location – giving you the complete experience wherever you are filming.

Offering a full fixed-rig record service, camera card management and media logging at our core – alongside our web-based live stream portal and options of remote control of your record – we can build bespoke workflows to facilitate almost any remote requirement, from small one-off studio shows to a year-long reality series or anything in between.

Meet the Team

Ricky Martin

CAPTURE Head of Operations


Toby Weller

CAPTURE Systems Specialist


Elliot Leigh

CAPTURE Locations Supervisor


Natacha Seghair

CAPTURE Technical Operator



Fix Rig Record

CAPTURE is our in-house record and ingest solution created to overcome the challenges faced by fixed rig productions, from the location through to the edit – be that a nice shiny floor studio or in the midst of a jungle or remote island.

The specialist system records high-resolution and proxy versions of the incoming video feeds, straight into edit-ready media – removing long and arduous backup and ingest workflows out in the field.

Built for the future, CAPTURE records in various combinations of codecs, as well as in HD and UHD – it can be configured to keep storage costs at a minimum over a year-long record or unleashed to record at high data rates and push creativity to the foreground.

Its smart, robust design ensures complete redundancy of your record, allows for 24/7 uptimes and assurance every frame is captured – security and encryption are bedrocks of the workflow to guarantee your media is secure throughout the production and beyond.

Media Management

CAPTURE is not all about gallery feeds – we recognise that productions will have camera teams generating media throughout the shoot; our specialist workflows will look after all their media needs too.

Our team of experts will back-up all cards to multiple secure locations, ingest and prepare media to go back to the edit – once verified, all cards will be cleared down and returned to your team, ready to go again.

The entire workflow ensures that no content can go awry, it’s consistently labelled, and what your team has shot each day can be reviewed from our interactive shot logs – which are handed over to your edits so they can find the shoots they need with minimum effort.

Archive Solutions

CAPTURE will also target a long-term archive while we record – normally LTO tape, but we can also be a push to hard-drives or NAS as required.

This gives you a secure, reliable copy of all your media in a format that can be removed from location -giving you absolute piece of mind that all your content is protected.

At the end of the production, all the archived assets created via CAPTURE are handed over to you alongside an interactive contents allowing for quick retrieval of any media needed for future series.


With the vast amounts of media on almost every production, finding those golden bits of content is harder than ever – we’re here to solve that.

CAPTURE can offer a variety of logging options to suit every size production, from the small scale to the largest of rigs – we can make sure your loggers can add tags and descriptions to any moment, whether viewing in a gallery or out with a camera team – which can then be exported and shared with your whole team wherever they are.


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