8 Days: To The Moon And Back – The Untold Story Of The First Moon Landing

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‘8 Days: To The Moon and Back’ is a feature-length drama documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The producers were given access to hundreds of hours of declassified audio recordings of conversations between Mission Control and the astronauts. This film uses cutting-edge digital effects combined with dramatised reconstruction and film archive to tell the untold story of the first moon landing.

Dicky Everton, ENVY On-line Editor said: “We worked closely with the producers to ensure that we were using the highest quality archive source, we wanted to deliver the most accurate and engaging experience possible and only the best footage would enable us to accomplish this. The newly-shot reconstruction footage was graded and graphically treated so that it inter-cut seamlessly with the archive material surrounding it. We also ensured that all graphic layers were imported and handled in a way which avoided multiple compression issues. Finally, the subtitling was checked for accuracy against official NASA transcriptions of the actual conversations”.

Envy performed full finishing post for this 90min special for BBC Studios.

8 Days: To The Moon And Back airs Wednesday 10th of July, 9:00pm on BBC TWO.

Dubbing Mixer: Ben Ormerod
Colourist: Vicki Matich
Online Editor: Dicky Everton
Post Producers: Jannine Martin, Edith Rivers & Emile Bjork

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8 Days: To The Moon And Back (1×90’) is made by The Science Unit, BBC Studios, co-produced with PBS and The Open University, in association with Canal +.