Sheffield heartbreaker ‘War In The Blood’ To Broadcast On BBC 2

The feature length documentary from Minnow Films follows two patients (53 year old Graham and 18 year old Mahmoud) through ground breaking ‘first in-human’ trials for a treatment described as the beginning of the end of cancer.

ENVY Dubbing Mixer Matt Skilton said: “The documentary was shot over the course of a year in a plethora of acoustically challenging locations, primarily hospitals in which Director Arthur Cary did a remarkable job of recording the majority of the sound himself. As Locations such as hospitals have excessive background noise; hospital equipment, electronics, the public & patient noise can’t be controlled so will ultimately spill in to the production.

We started by clearing up the excessive back ground noise (aided by Izotope) and proceeded to find a delicate balance with the mix; we needed to ensure that all dialogue was comprehensible and clearly expressed whilst keeping the audience immersed in the intense environment.”


Watch it: Sunday, 9pm on BBC 2


Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton
Colourist: Vicki Matich
Online Editor: Andrew Mitchell
Post Producers: Chris Rayner & Sarah Yeboah

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