Too Hot To Handle – Your Next Reality Dating Obsession Has Arrived

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Talkback’s debut Netflix format Too Hot To Handle is on track to become the SVoD’s “biggest competition show ever”, according to Ted Sarandos.


Produced by Talkback for Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is a brand new 8-part reality-dating series which sees ten hot singletons from across the globe come together in a tropical paradise for what they think will be the most exotic and erotic summer of their lives… but there’s a catch!

The show will start with a $100,000 prize up for grabs; however to win it all the contestants will have to resist ALL of their lusty desires for the entire retreat. This means no kissing, no heavy petting and no self-gratification of any kind, as with every slip up the cash prize falls.

Will the sexy commitment-phobes be able to form deeper emotional connections? Or will the temptation simply be Too Hot To Handle?


Since it’s launch Too Hot To Handle has stormed to the top of Netflix’s ‘most-watched’ charts around the world. It currently occupies the number one position in the UK, US and Canada and is thought to be leading the pack in a host of European countries, as well as Pakistan, the UAE and South Africa.



ENVY Online Editor Dicky Everton Said: “The brief was to create a visually compelling series with a unique graphic style, using optical and VFX elements to bridge stories.

Right from the start I worked closely with our clients to create graphic looks from the supplied elements and used many BCC plugins to create the optical effects. In addition some scenes required subtitling work which I completed whilst in the on-line.

The exec producers absolutely knew what they wanted to achieve visually and the off-lines were finished to a very high level; I took these sequences and ensured that all GFX elements and BCC plugins were working in harmony – creating fun and exciting visual punctuation throughout each episode.

As I worked through the series I continued to develop further looks & optical transitions. To ensure a congruent finish, whenever these change were made I would go back to previous episodes to see if the new elements could be integrated.”

Andy Hodges ENVY Dubbing Mixer Said: “The mixing brief for THTH was to make the show fun & clear while making it flow as nicely as possible. The producers were an amazing team to work with and gave us creative freedom to really help shape something special.

The main challenge in the mix process was to make all the dialogue comprehensible. One consequence of shooting in such a beautiful location (on the coast of Mexico) is the uncontrollable background noise from the surrounding waters, which will ultimately spill in to post-production. Similarly there were several other variables that contributed to microphone disruption – such as the contestants’ clothing and bedding.

To refine the audio I reduced as much of the unwanted noise as possible using Izotope RX 6 Software and plugins; this process consisted of heavy dialogue isolation which was then layered over the original audio, resulting in the majority of the desired audio sitting proud. Subsequently these two audio clips (original and processed) were then reduced in overall level by 4-6dB using clip-gain in Pro Tools, returning them back to their previous averaging level. To finish I followed this up with some equalisation to sharpen the clarity even further. From here it was important to find a delicate balance with the mix; ensuring that the dialogue was maintained at a consistent level.

An interesting element is that the series also features 5.1 surround sound to provide a more immersive experience, which is quite unusual for a programme that is primarily dialogue.
We used the 5.1 space to complement the onscreen visuals and deliver atmospheric & ambient sounds effects such as sea-wash and distant ocean, in line with this the chosen music throughout the series was a great compliment; with brilliant, summer-vibed songs which completed the desired auditory style of the show, and also upscaled from stereo to 5.1 using select plugins within Pro Tools.

Finally, due to the aforementioned complication with on-location recordings plus the logistical trickiness of editing dialogue around Lana’s announcements, we rerecorded Lana’s statements in a VO booth at the post production stage, to ensure clarity. However, to prevent losing authenticity we added a slight reverb to the newly recorded voice over to emulate/recreate the acoustics of the villa and, to give Lana a consistent presence throughout the series.”

Watch ‘Too Hot To Handle’ on Netflix.

ENVY Credits

Online Editor: Dicky Everton

Dubbing Mixers: Andy Hodges & Ben Ormerod

Colourist: ENVY Team

Post Producers: Rosie Hargreaves & Sophie Bagha



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