BBC Two Documentary Investigates The Chilling Case of Sally Challen

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In 2010, Surrey mother-of-two Sally Challen killed her husband Richard as he sat eating lunch at the kitchen table, and was later found guilty of murder. This documentary follows her appeal against the conviction, with her new defence lawyers arguing that she was the victim.


ENVY Dubbing Mixer Matt Skilton said:

“To deliver the desired sound design I worked closely alongside the offline editor, this allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of his/her vision for the documentary and achieve the sought after result.

Segments of footage, such as those collected from inside the court room and police interviews contained distracting back ground and environmental noise. Using Isotope RX noise reduction I cleared up all affected dialogue and took the edge off the distracting ambient.

It was important that the archive was finely cleaned & intercut seamlessly with the music to uphold the flow and congruency of the documentary. Similarly I recreated audio to replace that of missing /damaged archive, ensuring these scenes remained engaging without losing their authenticity.

As with every show I work on a considerable amount of love, care & attention went in to mixing this 90 minute documentary.”


ENVY Colourist Graeme Hayes said:

“The autumnal colours captured via the drone footage became the inspiration for the colour palette throughout; using these I created a de-saturated aesthetic to further facilitate the creation of the ominous and tense atmosphere for the documentary.

Likewise I used the controlled colour palette to complement the natural flow between scenes whilst also maintaining the identity, authenticity and style of each shot. It was important to create an easily distinguishable variance between the different types of footage (News & police archive, family photographs, court room, interview & actuality) to enable the audience to easily follow the story.”


The Case of Sally Challen – is now available on BBC iPlayer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000bql0

Online Editor: Barrie Pease

Colourist: Graeme Hayes

Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton

Post Producers: Chris Rayner & Sarah Yeboah

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The ENVY team were thrilled to have provided full post for the film produced by production company Minnow Films.