Bafta-Nominated Sitcom ‘Stath Lets Flats’ Returns For Series 2

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The Bafta-nominated sitcom returns! In series 2 STATH LETS FLATS, Stath struggles with brash new boss Julian – his old enemy from rivals Smethwicks – and the smart new clients he attracts. Across 6 brand new episodes, Stath looks to move on from his dreams of being manager; while his sister Sophie struggles to move on from her crush on shy co-worker Al.

Vicki Matich (f) colourist said: “Grading the second series of Stath has been interesting…there is an awareness now that the audience will possibly binge-watch series one and then swiftly move on to series 2, so I’ve made every effort to retain the same aesthetic and feel of the first series by constantly referring to it whilst I’m grading.

The big difference for me is that they were shot at different times in the year; series 2 has a lot more bright sunlight streaming in through the windowed office front! I would say the biggest challenge though was ensuring all the different skin tones look good; strip lighting and glass aren’t kind to skin tones so a lot of keying and tracking was needed in most shots.”

Episode 1 airs: 19th August, 10pm on Channel 4.

Dubbing Mixer: Rada Danilovic
Colourist: Vicki Matich
Online Editor: Luke Carter
Post Producers: Sarah Yeboah

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Credit – https://www.channel4.com/press