New ITV Documentary Tells the Untold Story Behind the Abduction and Murder of Sarah Payne

The 60 minute documentary from Optomen sees Susanna Reid speak with mum Sara Payne about the murder of her eight-year-old daughter Sarah, reflecting on the devastating impact it has had on her family and the lasting legacy of her death nearly 20 years on. Sarah was taken from a field near her grandparents’ home in Sussex in July 2000 in an event that shocked the nation; her abductor was identified as Roy Whiting (a convicted paedophile) who had committed a similar crime only a few years earlier.

Bob Jackson Envy Dubbing Mixer Said: “The documentary takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotion and as such it was important that the soundscape matched this; we needed to sonically portray the emotion and atmosphere of each picture. Starting with Sarah playing with her brothers and sister on the beach and in the fields around her grandparents’ home you can hear summer birds, gentle wind and gleeful children’s voices, as we realise Sarah has been abducted the summer sounds fall away and the score becomes more tense and urgent.”

Sarah Payne: The Untold Story airs Thursday 4th of July, 9:00pm on ITV.

Dubbing Mixer: Bob Jackson
Colourist: Andrew Cloke
Online Editor: Barrie Pease
Post Producers: Kate George & Hayley Dexter

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