ENVY’s Will Sellers Explores the Life of His Late Grandfather, Peter Sellers

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Peter Sellers: A State of Comic Ecstasy


In this single-documentary film about one of the greatest comedians of all time, friends and family, colleagues and critics reveal insight into the real Peter Sellers. Alongside interviews with his daughters Sarah and Victoria, famous fans such as Michael Palin, Steve Coogan and Hanif Kureishi lend their thoughts on what Peter Sellers meant to them. The film also features an exclusive interview with Sellers’ second wife, Britt Ekland, who has never spoken before to any documentary or biographer about her life and turbulent marriage with Sellers.

Will Sellers (Grandson of Peter Sellers) – ENVY Business Development Manager:

“I set out on a journey to discover more about the life of my grandfather (Peter Sellers) and father (Michael Sellers) as I never had the chance to discuss Peter with him during his life.”


ENVY Dubbing Mixer – Bob Jackson:

The film has a lot of archive – from the 1950’s Goon Show , his army stint in India and Burma and interviews he gave throughout his career which all required clean up. Similarly I had to improve the clarity of the interviews with his two surviving children and former wives.

The original recording of Goodness Gracious Me was particularly interesting from an audio perspective – with Peter signing on the left channel and Sophia Loren singing on the right channel I had to weave these around the interview in the centre.

Some of the interviews and all of the post production was achieved during Covid lockdown which presented unique challenges. We set up ZOOM video conference alongside frame io which allowed producer/director John O’Rourke and co-producer Will Sellers to fully participate in the mixing sessions.


ENVY Online Editor – Barrie Pease:

The majority of the on-line was spent trying to present such a great variety of film, TV and news archive in the best possible light.

Many clips were comped into an old TV screen, adding subtle foreground reflection to help ‘sell’ the look. To achieve the desired finish I used sapphire film-effect plug-ins to add grain or filmic picture-shifts, combined with others to sharpen, enhance or improve older material.


Graeme Hayes – ENVY Colourist said:

Due to the various cameras used in the production there were some visual inconsistencies present across the interviews. The brief was to match and seamlessly inter-cut the footage throughout the doc and to present a consistent grade. To achieve the desired look I used Baselight’s texture equaliser to bring the log and video profiles together and give them a natural finish. The second challenge was grading the film archive, home movies and stills to fit in with the interviews. The interview grades were harmonised with elegant palettes to reflect their locations and the interviewees; we wanted the archive material to look of its time, and to enhance the qualities and quirks of its age.


ENVY Credits

Online Editor: Barrie Pease

Dubbing Mixers: Bob Jackson

Colourist: Graeme Hayes

Post Producers: Chris Rayner & Sarah Yeboah



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