Louis Theroux’s Latest Documentary Explores Postpartum Mental Illness In New Mothers

Louis Theroux

The arrival of a new born and the first steps in to motherhood are commonly perceived as the happiest time in a woman’s life, however the extreme stress and psychiatric difficulties attached are rarely brought to light. Roughly 20% of new mothers in the UK experience mental health problems before their baby’s first birthday.

In his new documentary Louis Theroux spends time in two specialist psychiatric units, which enable mothers to live alongside their babies whilst they receive treatment for severe mental illness.

Bob Jackson Envy Dubbing Mixer said “Louis Theroux Mothers On The Edge looks at postpartum psychosis in new mothers. The subject could make for a heavy watch so we wanted the audio to move away from that and have a gentler feel. There are some genuine heart-warming and touching moments in the film and the music by Miguel D’Oliveira subtly reinforces this theme. The programme was shot in two psychiatric units by sound recordists Lucy Pickering and Annie Needham and the potentially noisy environments were reined back with the use of Isotope RX noise reduction to take the edge off any distracting ambient”

ENVY Colourist Andrew Cloke said: “I used an Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES) colour space for the majority of the workflow on this project. The objective was to be sympathetic whilst retaining all of the emotion and authenticity of the documentary. To achieve this I built a custom LUT to restrict the colour palette, allowing me to deliver a subtle aesthetic while maintaining natural skin tones and prevented over styling.”

Watch Louis Theroux – Mothers on the Edge:  Sunday 12th May at 9pm on BBC TWO.

Dubbing Mixer: Bob Jackson
Colourist: Andrew Cloke
Online Editor: Luke Carter
Post Producers: Clea Singh & Sarah Yeboah 

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