Envy Carry Out Full Post On Viceland Docu-Drama: How To Rob A Bank

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Every day in the USA an average of 14 banks are robbed.

How To Rob A Bank is a complex and fast paced docu-drama devised by Jago Lee for Viceland. The narrative is driven by the testimonies of the bank robbers and the law enforcement officers who caught them. From the first catalyst that sets the robber on a criminal journey, through to the execution of plans and the inevitable fallout.

Envy Colourist Paul Fallon Said: “The exciting aspect for the grade was Jago & Tom Keeling’s (Executive Producer) desire to blur the lines between re-enactment, 1st person testimony & documentary footage, a somewhat new aesthetic for docu-dramas. The result is a dynamic and highly fluid series of stories which recall the visual grammar and colour palate of the period in which the heist’s took place.”

HOW TO ROB A BANK starts Thursday September 12 at 9PM on Viceland.

HOW TO ROB A BANK TRAILER from Antenna Pictures on Vimeo.


Dubbing Mixer: Rada Danilovic
Colourist: Paul Fallon
Online Editor: Luke Carter
Post Producers: Sarah Yeboah, Clea Singh & Anna Norqvist

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