Ross Kemp tells the untold story of the Hatton Garden Heist

In April 2015 Hatton Garden became the site of one of Britain’s biggest burglaries, when a gang of criminals broke into a safe deposit facility and stole jewellery, cash & precious valued at approximately £14 million.

In this new documentary Ross Kemp tells the untold story of the police investigation into the Hatton Garden Heist – giving viewers access to unseen surveillance footage and secretly recorded audio of the gang’s conversations; which ultimately lead to their capture and imprisonment. The documentary features the detectives who cracked the case as well as Kenny Collins (the gang’s lookout) and ends with the conviction of the final gang member in April this year.

ENVY Colourist Paul Fallon said: “An edgy drama like grade was applied throughout to establish an ominous and tense atmosphere, complemented by a controlled colour palette to aid the natural flow between scenes.

The challenge was to create an easily distinguishable variance between reconstructed footage and filmic actuality. This was achieved through the use of soft focus and the application of film grain; additionally drama-recon scenes were given a cool de-saturated aesthetic to further separate the two timelines”.

Watch Hatton Garden: The Inside Story here.

Dubbing Mixer: Bob Jackson
Colourist: Paul Fallon
Online Editor: Paul Goodman
Post Producers: Kate George & Hayley Dexter

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