Gordon Ramsay Uncovers Incredible People, Places & Flavours In ‘Uncharted’

By September 4, 2019 No Comments

In the all new six-part series ‘GORDON RAMSAY: UNCHARTED ‘world famous chef Gordon Ramsay embarks on a once in a life time journey around the world. In his search for culinary inspiration, epic adventures, and cultural experiences Gordon uncovers some of the most incredible people, places and flavours on the planet.

ENVY Dubbing Rada Danilovic said: “Uncharted offers a fresh style to cookery programmes. In each episode Gordon is met with a new experience – diving in New Zealand, canoeing in Lao, mountain climbing in Peru – and my first task was to bring clarity to the dialogue in these challenging locations.

Its travelogue element meant that as a sound mixer, I could build sound design elements for each of the exotic locations, and had a lot of fun bringing Gordon’s adventures to life on screen.”

GORDON RAMSAY: UNCHARTED – Wednesday’s at 9pm on Nat Geo

Dubbing Mixer: Rada Danilovic
Colourist: Vicki Matich
Online Editor: Luke Carter
Post Producers: Jannine Martin, Edith Rivers & Emile Bjork

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