Brand New NETFLIX & Channel 4 Show ‘Crazy Delicious’ Features The Worlds First Edible Set & An All Star Panel of Food Gods

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Hosted by comedian Jayde Adams the brand new 6 x 60 episode series is a cooking show that could have been plucked straight from the mind of Willy Wonka himself. The innovative and imaginative food competition is home to the world’s first edible set, containing edible blossom, chocolate soil, a drinkable babbling brook and an enchanted garden which is ready for harvest.

Each week three passionate cooks will compete to win the infamous Golden Apple, but with “Food Gods” Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Niklas Ekstedt judging each dish, the home cooks will have to cast some serious magic on their ingredients to come out on top.

Envy Senior Colourist – Danny Wood said:

”The Optomen Team crafted a beautiful set full of vibrant colours and bewitching personality; it was our job to help accentuate the different feels of the environment. We have the lush, rich forest environment where the main part of the show takes place and the lighter, dreamier ‘Gods’ segments, which are accompanied by interesting lighting effects and time of day changes. We opted for cooler tones in the main section of the show to balance the warmth of certain elements of the set.

A lot of care was taken with the grade of the food to make it as look as delicious as possible, however a lot of the produce in the show has an unusual appearance so it was challenging to find a balance between vibrancy and realism to ensure sure the dishes look delectable yet authentic.

Crazy Delicious is literally crazy and quite magical.”


Envy Senior Dubbing MixerBob Jackson said:

Crazy Delicious is a cooking contest like no other!

We set out to create an audio scope with wonderful and exotic birds & animals, magical streams and waterfalls and contrasted this against the Gods scenes ‘looking down from their clouds’. As the contestants pick through the garden each item they select has the possibility of emitting a unique sound; we wanted to create another level of interaction for the viewers at home and saw this as an opportunity to sprinkle a little extra magic on to their experience.

Specially composed music by Julian Hamlin and Edmund Joliffe completes the drive to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.”


The Peoples Verdict

ENVY Credits

Online Editor: Barrie Pease

Colourist: Danny Wood

Dubbing Mixer: Bob Jackson

Flame: Dean Wyles, Martin Waller & Kieran Baxter

Post Producers: Kate George & Hayley Dexter


Watch Optomen Television’sCrazy Deliciousstarts 8pm Tuesday 21st on Channel 4.

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