20/03/2019 Piers Morgan returns to ITV in his latest documentary ‘Confessions of a Serial Killer’

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What creates a serial killer? Piers Morgan looks to uncover the motivation behind killing in cold blood in his latest documentary ‘Confessions of a Serial Killer’. Piers come face-to-face with a murder that not only confesses his crimes but reveals what compelled him to commit mass murder.

Piers said that his recent interview with Bernard Giles (who has spent 45 years behind bars after killing five women, including two 14-year-old girls) was his toughest to date and left him emotionally exhausted. “It was very chilling. He was happily married with a young baby daughter and suddenly he decided to go on this rampage of killing five women in three months… and he was the one that when I went back to my hotel room, I shut the door, I sat down, I poured myself a drink and I really did sit there for quite a while feeling emotionally drained actually.”

Tom O’Pray ENVY Dubbing Mixer Said: “My main creative challenge was to ensure the sound was not distracting from the editorial content or giving the film a gimmicky feel. To achieve this I used subtle sound design on transitions and made great use of the chances to swell music for maximum emotional gain. Similarly I used sympathetic noise reduction techniques to ensure full clarity of any noisy dialogue without affecting the quality of the audio.”

Watch Bernard Giles recount his first murder with Piers Morgan here (ITV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgVk9bm-Pz0

Online Editors: Luke Carter
Dubbing Mixer: Tom O’Pray
Post Producers: Jannine Martin, Edith Rivers & Emile Bjork

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