Channel 4 Documentary Investigates One of the Most Prolific Serial Killers in History

In 2014 Samuel Little was convicted on three counts of first degree murder after DNA evidence linked him to the killings of three women in LA between 1987 and 1989.

Since his conviction Little has confessed to more than 90 murders stretching over a 45 year period and although he cannot recall the name of his victims’ he has produced numerous chalk pastel sketches of what they looked like.

If Little’s claims are true it will make him one of the most prolific serial killers in history.

ENVY Colourist Andrew Cloke said: “The brief for this project was to take clean digital footage and reconstruct it to emulate 70’s lenses & old film stock. The documentary ‘The Thin Blue Line’ was a strong reference point for the reconstruction; as such I recreated lens artefacts, added film frame and chromatic aberration (glow & haze) In order to produce the required aesthetic while using an Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES) colour space to perform the grade.”

Watch Confessions of a Serial killer here.

Dubbing Mixer: Matt Skilton
Colourist: Andrew Cloke
Online Editor: Adam Grant
Post Producers: Clea Singh & Sarah Yeboah 

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