Our work experience programme is currrently closed.

“During my time at ENVY not only did I get to experience first hand the day-to-day operations of a high end post house but I also got to sit in with several employees from graders to machine room operators which really helped me to gain useful industry insight and learn new skills.”

JoshUniversity of Brighton

“I really enjoyed the company I was in and all of the clients were very friendly, polite and genuinely interested in me. The Runner team were also great to be around and we got on really well.”

LiamThe University of West London

“Learned a lot about how my university studies apply to a real world situation and was able to speak to people in a range of positions.”

MikeUniversity of Westminster

“I would like to thank ENVY for the opportunity to experience post production and confirm to myself that this is something I want to do in the future.”


“I really enjoyed my time at ENVY and I found it better than expected. Every member of the Company I've talked to seemed kind, genuinely passionate and confident about their field of work and their everyday tasks.”

FrancescoUniversity of Falmouth

“By the end of my work experience I had learnt so much more about editing just by being in an industry professional environment.”

KyannaUniversity of Gloucestershire

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with the other runners at envy and building a rapport with them and people we delivered services to.”

AlexanderUniversity of Lincoln

“It was a great week and the people were lovely. If you're thinking about post production as a career and you're not quite sure where to start - get a placement at Envy! It's a great first step.”

AkashSouthampton Solent

“All in all, I was expecting this experience to give me an insight into the post production industry, and it certainly has. Not only do I know what it's like to be a runner, but I also now have knowledge of certain workflows within the industry, providing me with excellent experience for the future.”

LucyUniversity of Leeds

“I learnt so much by experiencing all the responsibilities of a post-production runner whilst also shadowing Dubbing Mixers, Sound Editors and Online Editors on an array of programs.”

SophieUniversity of Leeds

“I had a great time completing my work experience placement at ENVY. I got to see the reality of what a runner does and I have gained a deeper understanding of what I need to get into the industry. The placement helped to bring me out of my comfort zone and has prepared me for the future.”


“I loved feeling part of the team and found everyone very friendly. I was able to interact with so many different people and learn so much every day from everyone around me, whether that be from the runners or from the editors. ”

RebeccaUniversity of Westminster

“ENVY really opened my eyes to what I want my career to be in Grading. It broadened my perspective on working for a post-production company, what software is used to industry standard and how large post houses like themselves handle with clients and work professionally.”


“It was a wonderful week where I had the opportunity to understand better what a Runner does and how a post house works. Observing professionals at work and talking to them allowed me to go home at the end of the week with a suitcase full of newly-acquired knowledge.”


“It's opened my eyes as to how things work in industry. I was able to have a few sessions of work experience in the fields I am interested in. I worked with such a lovely group of people and I was sad for my work experience to end.”

AbbieUniversity of Portsmouth

We offer placements on a weekly basis; these are primarily aimed at individuals who are currently in academia and require a work experience placement as part of their course.

A placement (and Runner position) provides a crucial understanding of the structure of a post house and its processes; allowing you to explore the array of services offered to clients. The Runner role is an entry level position not only to ENVY but also the Post Production Industry.

Therefore the majority of your time will be spent shadowing our Client Services department and Runner team with daily duties. Where possible we will pair you with Junior or Senior operators/editors relevant to your area of study or chosen career.

Placements take place weekdays 10:00 – 17:00 for a duration of one week.

Attire: Black/dark clothing with comfortable footwear.

If the above is of interest and you’d like to apply, please complete and submit the form on this page.

We will hold your information for 1 year upon receipt, should you wish to remove this data sooner, please contact gdpr@envypost.co.uk