24/04/2019 Sky Arts ‘Urban Myths – Bleak House Guest’ tells the story of Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen

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Directed by Robert Delaware, Slam Films ‘Bleak House Guest’- the third tale from the Urban Myths series delivers a fresh take on the infamous fallout between Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen. Dickens is surprised by an uninvited guest – Hans Christian Andersen, who quickly becomes the house-guest from hell.

Ben Ormerod Envy Dubbing Mixer said “Mostly I was concerned with perspectives of spot effects which play a key role in delivering an immersive atmosphere and greater viewer experience; putting a commotion sonically upstairs or in the next room, accentuating foley or the occasional creak amidst a deafening silence.

Once I had finished the dialogue and had bed in the ADR, the Director, Producer, Sound Editor & I worked meticulously through each scene until we reached a consensus. Urban Myths are a labour of love for everyone involved so it was essential to make sure every detail was given the attention it deserved.”

Watch Urban Myths – Bleak House Guest:  24th April at 9pm on Sky Arts.

Box set available here: https://www.sky.com/watch/channel/sky-arts/urban-myths/episodes/season-3/episode-1 

Dubbing Mixer: Ben Ormerod
Colourist: Vicki Matich
Online Editor: Paul Goodman
Post Producers: Cleah Singh & Sarah Yeboah 

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