07/11/2018 | Louis Theroux Returns to BBC Two for Brand New Series

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Louis Theroux is returning to BBC Two with a brand new series exploring the changing face of US culture. Shifting social attitudes and radical new laws have transformed how Americans can experience some of life’s most intimate moments: how we raise children, how we love and how we die. The ENVY team have provided full post for two of these three gripping films.

In Love without Limits, Louis takes a look at a movement in Portland, Oregon, that seeks to broaden how the world views marriage in a time of rising divorce rates. They believe that monogamy is not essential and that polyamorous relationships can be equally fulfilling. However, while Louis meets many who have found happiness with multiple partners, he also discovers tales of heartbreak and jealousy.

In Choosing Death, Louis explores how in the US, there are now seven states that offer the terminally ill the option of ending their lives. California is one of the latest states to adopt this law, where residents can now take home a lethal overdose. Louis is invited into the family homes of those who want control over ending their own lives, and discovers that when you have complete autonomy over your own death, choosing the right time is not such a simple decision.

ENVY Colourist Andrew Cloke said: “We used an Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES) workflow for this project, but it was so nicely shot that the grade was straightforward. I’ve watched and admired Louis’ documentaries for years, so it really was a pleasure to work on his new series. As always, fascinating subject matters are tackled brilliantly by Louis, who manages to almost play the role of the audience within his own documentaries, allowing viewers to witness events unfold through his eyes. While some heavy topics are featured, they’re always handled with care and the series promises some very heart-warming moments.”

Watch it: Catch up on episode 1 and 2 here

Colourist: Andrew Cloke
Online Editors: Luke Carter & Adam Grant
Dubbing Mixer: Bob Jackson
Post Producers: Clea Singh & Sarah Yeboah

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