05/09/2018 | The Garden Productions Goes Behind Closed Doors in ‘Spying On My Family’

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Ever wondered what your loved ones get up to when you’re not around?

In Spying on My Family, a new format from The Garden Productions being piloted by Channel 4, one British family have volunteered to give up privacy for a week, with cutting-edge technology giving them complete access to each other’s day-to-day lives. ENVY were thrilled to have provided full post.

At the swipe of a finger, on specially-adapted smartphones, both parents and kids will be able to watch each other 24/7 – as well as being able to snoop on each other’s texts and online worlds.

At a time when privacy is a contentious issue, the family will explore if there is any anything to be said for giving it up. Using geo-trackers, screen-mirrored phones and remotely-watchable security cams – cutting-edge tech all already available to buy – each family member will be able to monitor every single action and interaction the others make, both inside and outside the home.

Can total transparency open up new channels of communication and change the family’s relationships for the better?

ENVY Dubbing Mixer Nick Wright said, “The main challenge was tidying up the audio from the body cams, which pick up a lot of muffles, clicks and knocks that would be jarring to the audience if left in; we used RX plug-ins to make it sound as natural as possible. The show was great fun to work on – I’m looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.”

One task ENVY’s Dicky Everton faced in the Online process was tackling the distortions created by the wide angle lenses on the rigged cameras within the house, for which he used a BCC plug-in to rectify the ‘fish bowl effect’. Dicky said, “Spying On My Family takes a new twist on the fix-rig format, I think the public will be amazed by the show and how entertaining the family are – I’ve never seen anything like this on British television.”

Watch it: Thursday 6th January at 9pm on Channel 4

Colourist: Paul Fallon
Online Editor: Dicky Everton
Dubbing Mixer: Nick Wright
Post Producers: Rosie Hargreaves, Sophie Bagha and Charlotte Way

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