ENVY Contributes to Channel 4’s Gender Season

Debates surrounding gender and gender identity are more rife now than ever before, with many considering millennials the “gender-fluid generation”.

Channel 4 are broadcasting a collection of entertaining, thoughtful and provocative programmes in their upcoming gender season, which will feature a broad range of inspiring people who add their varied and informative voices to the wider debate.

Optomen‘s “Genderquake” is one of them, and Envy are very excited to have collaborated on the series, which sets out to explore the varying gender identities being adopted by a new generation of millenials. 11 strangers from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality – and with very polarised opinions – spend a week living together under one roof.

During their stay they will get the chance to get to know each other and explore their differing views. But with such a divisive topic at the heart of their stay, will anyone’s opinions and viewpoints be swayed along the way?

Watch it Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th May at 9pm on Channel 4.

Colourist: Peter Lynch
Online Editor: Andrew Mitchell and Luke Carter
Dubbing Mixer: Nick Ashe
Post Producers: Kate George and Hayley Dexter

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